Wiener Teppich – an art video

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A 250-meter-long red carpet – originally intended for an interactive performance – is cut into different sized parts in the wake on Covid-19 and thus converted into mobile stages in two municipal buildings. The image of artists and residents on a piece of carpet stands as a metaphor for “physical distancing” and at the same time for a unifying action that overcomes the barriers between those involved. The short film is also a contemporary portrait of two important municipal and social housing developments in Vienna, together with their special architecture and above all – with its diverse residents.


Concept and direction: Arne Mannott and Elena Lydia Kreusch
Camera and cut: Christian Schratt
Music: Gammon
Artists: Arne Mannott, Christoph Schiele, Maja Karolina Franke, Ralph Ă–llinger, Ruth Biller, Sara Lanner
Assistant: Patrick Tilg
Production: Wohnpartner
Artistic Production: KreativKultur

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