Off Stage

Choreography and Outside Eye

After years of performing on stage Maja felt the urge to create herself. She started to work as outside eye and choreographer.

She co-founded ego portrait – a circus-dance perspective, where she can create, perform and produce her own artistic visions. 


Plan B – Sechs Personen suchen eine Arbeit

Just turning in circles is not yet a ballroom dance. Three women and three men from different generations therefore want to try new steps and dare to step on the slick floor of the free labor market. Hopefully they will learn leaps and turns, kicks and twists that this Plan B requires through competence analysis, job application training and goal-oriented continuing education quickstep by step ...
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Identity Taken – A circus Show

A piece about loosing and finding identity, about wearing and changing masks. A piece about dreams ...
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If I could…then I would

What if I had superpowers? I would do good things and help other people. I would unite my powers with my fellow combatants. A piece about superheroes ...
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More choreographic works:

  • Cross the Line, 2017 – Solo, Germany/Netherlands
  • Aphrodite’s faces, 2017 – Choreography for Dance CharActers Vienna
  • Are you Awake?, 2016 – Choreography for the final presentation show ‚Day and Night’ of BG/BRG Wels Dr. Schauer Straße
  • Sunset – Sunrise, 2015 – Duet, Vienna
  • Passion Play, 2012 – Choreography for theatre piece, Mettmach
  • Hold, 2012 – Solo Linz
  • Wandlung – Revisiting Susanne Linke, 2010 – Solo, Vienna
  • Poem, 2010 – Solo, Vienna



Besides her stage work Maja found a passion and purpose in sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

She loves teaching Workshops for any kind of people, from amateurs to professionals. 

Her specialties are FLOWY FLOORWORK and PARTNERING 
She enjoys teaching BALLET and MODERN classes as well.


Working with Competitive Ballroom Dancers

Since Maja started Latin dancing herself it always has been her interest to explore how these different dance forms can affect each other.
2012 she initiated the pedagogical research project Latin Meets Contemporary where she investigated how competitive ballroom dancers could benefit from different aspects of contemporary dance training.

Since then she is giving courses and classes for different institutions from Dancesport, such as:

  • Dance Sport School, Vienna
  • TSK Juventus, Vienna
  • TSK Schwarz-Weiß, Vienna


Working with Kids

Maja’s aim in working children is to pass information in a fun and playful way, to teach a solid technical foundation and also leave enough space for the kids to discover their own creative resources.

Maja is and was teaching for different institutions, such as:

  • Studio an der Wien, Vienna
  • Ballettratten, Vienna
  • Kinderspektakel (Intensive workshops to explore circus arts and dance)
  • various elementary schools