Les Valses de Vienne

Les Grands Airs Viennois

An evening full swirls and twirls across the stage. Singers, dancers and an Orchestra create an evening full of Viennese flair and charm with the help of the famous melodies by Johann Strauss, Leo Fall, Franz Lehar and many more.


Dancers: Maja Karolina Franke, Sharon Booth, Anna Maria Kozub, Jaimy van Overeem, Franziska Wallner-Hollinek, Josefine Tyler, Michael Schmalzbauer, Oleksandr Maslyannikov, Hannah Kickert, Adrian Liviu Cunescu, René Friesacher, Juan Lorena

Choreography: Sharon Booth

Producer: Karl Hautcoeur
Directors: Noémie Percy, Nancy Loof, Isabelle Thériault
Musical Director: Bruno Lapante
Conducter: Gilles Auger

Imagine – Événements & Spectacles

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