Über Piratinnen – Geschwestern der See

Photo: Mic Oechsner

Do what you are told? Not these women!
They defy traditional role models and assert themselves successfully in a male domain.

Pirates, the sea is ours!

Whether Zheng Yisao (1775–1844), who commanded a pirate fleet in China with over 200 ships and negotiated numerous contracts with the rulers or Carola Rackete, who saved 53 people at sea.
They are all united by the sea, by resistance and by breaking convention. This story is about them and their sisters. Their lives represent personal declarations of independence. They are fighting against prejudice, norms and restrictive life situations. They are role models and convey strength – a quality that in the past often has been denied to women. They are proof that the myth of the inferior woman is no longer tenable.


Performers: Nina Dafert, Mia Ferreira, Maja Karolina Franke, Gat Goodovitch, Maartje Pasman
Director: Nico Wind
Choreographer: Ariane Oechsner
Stage and Costume: Tanja Peinsipp
Assistant: Marianne Huber
Apprentice: Marleen Zeirzer
Music: Steffi Neuhuber
Production: Natalja Kreil

Performance rights: © rua. Kooperative für Text und Regie, Berlin
Based loosely on texts by Effe U Knust

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