Spectacle müssen seyn!

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Photo: Franzi Kreis

There were quite a few „Spectacle“ in Vienna, a city with a rich circus history. The performative city walk visits the historic Viennese circus venues in the district of Leopoldstadt and sheds light on the glory and the dark sides of this „proletarian“ art form as well as the further development to today’s contemporary form. A performance between the past and the present.

Corona adaptation: instead of 3 walks in large groups, there are 60 small encounters between one performer and three visitors each. The visitors are guided through the 2nd district of Vienna for 60 minutes and receive a very intimate and individual city tour. The sociable walk in the smallest circle – an absolute favorite of every lockdown – is celebrated in a new way.

A site-specific performance walk


Idea, Direction: Arne Mannott
Performance, Creation: Maja Karolina Franke, Ralph Öllinger, Johanna Nielson, Shabnam Chamani
Music, Graphic Design, Video: Gammon
Production: ProSiBe / Siglind Güttler and Bernhard Werschnak
Coproduction with SHIFT, City of Vienna, supported by Leopoldstadt

Premiere: May 2021


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