Photo: La Strada Graz - Martin Hauer

The witch – for centuries she has haunted our fairy tales and myths. She was persecuted for a long time, and even today the term witch is used as a derogatory term for a malicious, unpleasant or ugly woman.

FEAR THE WOMEN IN THE DARK! revolves around the witch, the sorceress, the malicious seductress and child eater but also the sexually independent, unyielding, knowing woman.

On a summer night in a park by a pond, Follow the Rabbit shows an electronic opera, a dark comic spectacle about women: acting, acrobatics and singing mix just as atmospherically as nature, bodies, voices and music.



Performers: Nadja Brachvogel, Maja Karolina Franke, Antonia Orendi
Singer: Jutta Panzenböck
Narrator: Martin Brachvogel
Director: Simon Windisch
Assistant Director: Dagmar Wagner
Production: Natalie Pinter, Martin Brachvogel
Stage and Costume: Lisa Horvath
Stage design Assistant: Laura Kerschbaumsteiner, Lara Rabitsch
Music and Composition: Robert Lepenik
Technical Management: Stefan Bauer
Tech: Tom Grassegger
Interns: Hannah Arevalo-Arizaga, Amelie Putz, Alina Stremtz, Anja Sattler

Thanks to E-Werk Franz and Peter Venus.

A coproduction of Follow the Rabbit and La Strada Graz.

Premiere: Graz, July 2022

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