Photo: Julia Wesely | Performance Brunch

Duett MANIE is a collaboration between Nina Dafert (actress and circus artist) and Maja Karolina Franke.
They developed a format where they use the connection of movement, in particular partner acrobatics and spoken text to tell (hi)stories. 

So far the Duett created two different acts.
One is about the life of the Carsony Brothers, world famous circus artists from Vienna in the 1950s.

The other one was developed in the frame of the project Memory (Ariane Oechsner). The act is dealing with the Viennese Circus Renz in its historical context of World War Two.

The format of Duett MANIE is especially suitable for commissioned work, as it is adaptable to various kind of topics, stories, biographies, historic incidents. The movement contextualizes the words and vice versa.

Performers and Creators:
Maja Karolina Franke & Nina Dafert

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