Since 2012 Maja is working as a dancer and performer with different companies, choreographers and directors.

Her body is in love with spacious movement and floorwork. Maja is looking for the flow in dancing, connecting different movements in an interesting way. She is intrigued with partnering work.

Next to the moving aspect, Maja is fascinated by the transitoriness of dance. Unlike other art forms dance just exists in the moment of doing. No traces are left behind when one stops dancing, which makes the act of dancing even more powerful and special. 
Therefor the relation a performer creates with other performers and the audience is unique and can be different every time. Maja enjoys these moments of creating and exploring the atmosphere with the audience a lot and works on it when she’s on stage.


The past years Maja dived more and more into the world of contemporary circus. She remembered her former training in sports acrobatics and started doing partner acrobatics again. 
Besides the technical challenges she is enjoying in this field, it is as well the new artistic ideas and influences she is happy to embrace.

As a professional dancer Maja is always looking for new inspirations, new ways of approaching certain topics and further possibilities to develop as a dancer and as an artist. When she came in touch with circus she discovered an art form which is similar to dance, but also different enough for her to create curiosity in the circus training and research.


Besides her dance works on stage Maja dedicated herself to Latin Competitive Dancing for some time. She started in 2006 and after a successful career, she danced her last competition in 2012, with a short come back in 2015.

Maja appreciates the precision of this dance form. Her proficiencies in contemporary dance could benefit a lot from Latin dancing. It takes credit for developing and mastering skills such as sensitive partner work and an elaborated feeling for rhythm.