Um zwei beginnt die Revolution

Photo: Pablo Leiva

Be prepared at two o’clock. Be prepared for a revolution of a different kind.
The ensemble, consisting of professional performers and teenagers, are using all their acrobatic tricks, magical dancing, humor and absurdity to revolt against old, existing and upcoming systems. Do YOU wanna be part of it?



Performance: Lena Balogh, Maja Karolina Franke, Till Frühwald, Melvin Kremser, Franka Mascha, Lisa Palden, Irina Plessing, Sophie Resch, Arno Uhl
Direction, Choreography: Christina Rauchbauer
Music: Julia Meinx
Text: Flo Staffelmayr
Stage and Costume Design: Anne-Sophie Raemy
Production: Agnes Zenker

A collaboration with Theater Ansicht

Premiere: May 2018, Dschungel Vienna

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