ego portrait

ego portrait – a circus-dance perspective

Photo: Ronald Wischnak

ego portrait – a circus-dance perspective was founded 2018 by Maja Karolina Franke, contemporary dancer and partner acrobat and Ralph Öllinger, whose background is in circus, specialized in object manipulation and partner acrobatics.

They formed this performance duo, that deals artistically with the connection of partner acrobatics, dance and object manipulation.
Together Maja and Ralph are doing partner acrobatics and exploring the similarities and differences between dancing and juggling. They are researching on movement with the object and on movement with the subject.





OUT-SIDE-IN is ego portrait’s current research project. The performance we are working on is not a show in a conventional ...
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Meeting Point

Maja is a dancer, she loves swirling around. Ralph is a juggler, he loves throwing things in the air, catching ...
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