Plan B – Sechs Personen suchen eine Arbeit

Photo by Heldentheater

Just turning in circles is not yet a ballroom dance. Three women and three men from different generations therefore want to try new steps and dare to step on the slick floor of the free labor market. Hopefully they will learn leaps and turns, kicks and twists that this Plan B requires through competence analysis, job application training and goal-oriented continuing education quickstep by step.

Unfortunately, vacancies are as rare as the gentlemen when it comes to lady’s choice. This raises the question of the value of work for the individual and for society at all. How do Marx and Engels look like when they do in the Cha Cha Cha and how is it dancing with an unconditional basic income? How much must one optimize oneself to be able to debut at the polonaise of the lifelong employment? After all, Latin is Standard. – Labor omnia vincit.


Performers: Karin Gschiel, Mona Kospach, Angelika Nieder, Tobias Kerschbaumer, Christian Ruck, Thomas Sobotka
Direktion, Text: Thomas Sobotka
Stage and Costume Design: Markus Boxler Assistant: Isabel Toccafondi
Dramaturgy: Stephanie Liebmann
Assistant: Jasmin Karami
Choreography and Dance Coaching: Maja Karolina Franke

Premiere: April 2018, Gesellenvereinstheater, Graz

A collaboration with Theater T’eig


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