Final Season

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Final Season is a site-specific theatrical installation taking place outside in a field or lawn. The core of the dramatic action is a multichannel audioplay combined with live and electronic music, visuals and physical performance.

Fear for your homeland? Fear of your homeland? Of the flood? Of the drought? For your belongings? For our borders? And where are they exactly?

Final seasons examines in what diverse ways we perceive our surroundings, ourselves and others.
We want to explore how we define our reality and how easy our perception  of it can be manipulated.

A walkable audioplay, video, music and performance are the elements  of a theater experience  under the open night sky in which the audience becomes a part of a mysterious camp in which everybody is challenged to choose their own viewpoint themselves.

Performance: Maja Karolina Franke, Marina Grün, Benjamin R. Jarrett
Live Music: Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Matej Bunderla
Concept, Production, Stage and Costume Design: Lisa Horvath
Direction: Klaus Seewald
Text: Johannes Schrettle
Electronic Music, Sounddesign, editing/mixing of audioplay: Christof Ressi
Video: Valerie Wolf Gang
Technics: Sound, Projections, audio play: Peter Venus
Project Assistant: Rosa Wallbrecher

Co-produced by La Strada Graz and IN SITU – European Platform for artistic creation in public space

Premiere: July 2016, La Strada, Graz

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